Brazilian Main Dishes



Be sure and try Feijoada while in Brazil! Feijoada is the national dish in Brazil and is a made with black beans, pork, sausage, beef, onions and garlic. It is normally cooked in clay pots into a thick stew like substance. Below you will find a few Brazilian Main Dishes that you must try while visiting Brazil.

  • Feijoida – is the national dish in Brazil. Feijoida is made with black beans, sausage, beef and pork. It was brought to South America by the Portuguese. It is served with rice, finely cut collard greens cooked with onion and garlic and orange slices. It is a heavy dish and is normally served on Saturdays for lunch. Most restaurants in Brazil serve Feijoida on Saturdays.
  • Salmão com molho de Maracuja -“Salmon with passion fruit sauce”: If you enjoy salmon be sure and try this dish! It is amazing with this tangy sweet creamy sauce on it!
  • Estrogonofe – “Stroganoff”: Brazilian stroganoff is delicious. It is very different than American Stroganoff. It is served over rice and topped with batata palha “straw potatoes” – similar to shoe string potatoes. Brazilians make stroganoff with both beef and chicken.
  • Filet Mignon com Molho Madeira – The Filet Mignon is topped rich sauce made with Madeira wine. The sauce is dark brown and generally has mushrooms in it.
  • Quatro Queijos – “Four Cheeses”: You can order many things with the four cheese sauce, including pastas, meats and pizzas. This white sauce is generally made with mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola and a creamy cheese called catupiry. It is a very rich sauce but delicious.
  • Panquecas – “Pancakes”: These are not like American pancakes. The Brazilian panquecas are like crepes and are filled with many delicious things like chicken, beef and cheeses. You can get them topped with different sauces such as red or white sauce.  They are very delicious!
  • Camarão na Moranga – “Shrimp cooked inside a pumkin”:  You cannot find this in every restaurant but it is a real treat! It is a creamy dish with shrimp and pumpkin and served over rice.

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  1. BRGuy says:

    Minor spelling corrections:

    Correct spelling in brazilian portuguese would be Estrogonofe (, but you’ll see “strogonoff” or “estrogonoff” ocasionally.

    You should always say “quatro queijos”, in the plural form.

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