Brazilian Snack Foods


Delicious Coxinhas at the Bakery


Brazilian snack foods are delicious, and can be found on just about every street corner in bakeries and barzinhos “little bars”. Below you will find a few Brazilian snack foods that you must try while visiting Brazil.

  • Coxinha - a fried pear shaped appetizer that is filled with shredded chicken – very good! They serve these at bakeries. Sometimes you can find them filled with chicken & a creamy cheese called catupiry – delicious!
  • Pão de queijo – a light airy bread made of parmesan cheese – must try! They generally serve these at Churrascarias and bakeries.
  • Pastel – a deep fried light and airy pastry with different fillings. They are filled with different meats, cheeses and even fruit and dessert options.
  • Crepe – a large chuck of cheese on a stick cooked in batter (similar to waffle batter). There are many variations to try like; cheese with ham or sausage or even dessert versions. Try all the different flavors for a real treat!
  • Empadinha – a small pastry filled with meat, shrimp, cheese or chicken. They also make a larger version called “Empadão” that is served in a large Pyrex type dish and layered.
  • Churros – a deep fried pastry filled with doce de leite (Soft Caramel) or chocolate, or both. Then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Yum Yum good! These are generally sold in stands all over Brazil and are really popular at the beach.
  • Bolinho de Bacalhau – a cod fish cake in a ball shape. These are generally deep fried.
  • Kibe – A deep fried Lebanese style appetizer. Kibe is football shaped made from bulgur wheat ground beef seasoned with onions, garlic, mint and cinnamon.

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