O Boticário Stores and Perfumes

Be sure and visit the sweet smelling O Boticário stores, which are located in almost every Shopping Center and many other locations scattered across various cities in Brazil.  O Boticário is a cosmetic store which carries both women’s perfumes and men colognes.  One of the things that make O Boticário unique is that everything is made from natural plants and flowers from the Amazon Forest.  Some of these plants include: açai, cupuaçu, guaraná, cashew, and the passion fruit flower.  They offer high-quality affordable products sold in attractive packaging.

The name O Boticário means “The Pharmacist” in ancient Portuguese. The store started with a humble beginning in 1977 when two newly graduated pharmacists and two dermatologists opened a small prescription drug store downtown in the city of Curitiba, capitol in the state of Paraná.  From the start the store was unique in that it was air-conditioned and their clients could sit down and have coffee while they waited for their prescriptions.  In between filling prescriptions one of the owners Miguel Krigsner would mix ingredients and make unique smelling fragrances, hand creams, and shampoos.  These products were sold under the name of O Boticário and became very popular because the only other alternative at that time was expensive imported brands.

Early on the company targeted the domestic market but in 1982 after opening a store, in the airport in Curitiba, they began luring international customers.   Soon the demand for their products increased as requests started outside of Brazil.

In order to meet the demands the company opened their first factory headquarters, which was inaugurated in 1982 in the city of São José dos Pinhais in the Curitiba Metropolitan area.  It now employs around 1,300 people and creates around ten thousand jobs through its franchising network.

Today, O Boticário is the second largest Brazilian cosmetic company and has over 2,000 stores in Brazil.  It is also the largest cosmetic franchise in the world with stores located in other countries such as Portugal, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Japan, Africa, Australia, Venezuela, Colombia and the United States,

Before you leave Brazil step into one of their attractive stores and test some of these alluring scents from nature! My personal favorite is Linda!  This perfume makes a wonderful gift for your friends or family.  Another benefit is that since O Boticário is concerned about nature so they even package everything with biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

If you are in the USA and looking for Boticário products, the best place to buy them is online. You can buy Boticário products online here: Buy Boticário Products

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  1. guilha says:

    I wanna o boticário in Colorado state in us. Where can I find this?

  2. Ronnie Freitas says:


    There are no stores currently in Colorado. You can however buy it online at Amazon. Here is a link to buy it online: Boticario

  3. Anne says:

    I love “my” Arbo for women, but have really trouble in buying it in Europe, nor
    can I find it online!! Can this be correct. Help! How can I get it, without going to Brazil??
    Thank you.
    Regards Anne

    • Georgia Freitas says:

      I looked on Amazon.com but I only saw Arbo for men. I’m not sure how you can get it in Europe. I will check some more sites online.

  4. Cleusa says:

    hi, where can I by O Boticario in Australia?

  5. Edmeia Binet says:


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