World Cup Brazil 2014: Your Guide to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup

For Brazilian soccer fans this was the site to check out about the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Starting in 2013 you could follow the news and updates regarding the 2014 FIFA World Cup. My whole family are big time Brazilian soccer fans. My cousin is "in love" with Ronaldinho. Whenever he plays she wears one of her chokers. You would assume if the piece of jewelry was called a Lariat Choker Collar Necklace that it would naturally would be worn around one's neck. But not so with this unique chocker. This particular choker is made from re-purposed zippers to create a unique, fresh, and modern jewelry element that she "styles" in a multitude of ways. I've seen her wear it as hair piece, belt or necklace. She sometimes wears it knotted and looped twice or undone. However, when Ronaldinho is out there on the field she always wears it looped about her neck three times with the ends tied once and left hanging down below her waist. Her good luck charm seems to work, because Ronaldinho always plays great. Me, on the other hand, just yells and screams a lot, saying prayers under my breathe when the occasion occurs for some divine intervention. Go Brazil!!!"

Brazil is hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup which takes place every four years. This will be the 20th World Cup and Brazil's second time to host the competition, the first time being in 1950. There are 12 Host Cities with the final match taking place in Rio de Janeiro.

It's going to be an exciting time, so start planning now for the World Cup Brazil in 2014!

Don't miss the final in Rio on July 13th, 2014. Look around the site for the latest news about the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosted in Brazil. We have information, pictures, and travel tips about Brazil. Find out what food and drinks you must try in our Food & Beverage section. We will help make your trip to Brazil for the World Cup an unforgettable experience.


Editor's Note: As the date for the final approached, we noticed something unusual happening within Google's first page search results in the US market. Instead of information and content related to the playoffs we started seeing articles about completely unrelated prostitution scandals and interviews of pornstars. These were searches for “2014 FIFA finals” and related keywords. We needed to remove Google search results but Google ignored our requests to fix this. Clearly the search engines need some refining. US fans sent us many examples of this issue and we've since discovered more posts on this topic. The problem, which was not reported in any other country, lasted almost 4 weeks before miraculously reverting to a good result. But is was a alarming reminder that all is not well at Google and perhaps the calls for regulation are onto something.


Brazil World Cup News

All in One Rhythm!

03/20/2014 By Ron Freitas

FIFA chooses the slogan “All in One Rhythm” for World Cup! “The rhythm is the rhythm of Brazil, the rhythm of the cup, the rhythm if unity, the rhythm of diversity. The rhythm of fantasy, the rhythm of a country that has open arms to receive the great celebration of the world of football.” Jose [...]


Buy Brazil World Cup Tickets – The Safe Way

World Cup Banner

As next summer’s World Cup extravaganza edges ever closer, the 32 qualified nations have finally found out who they will face in the first stages of the tournament. With Brazil pitted against Croatia, Germany against Portugal and England against Italy, excitement is expected to build rapidly now as fans turn their attention to how they [...


The World Famous Soccer Player Ronaldinho

02/28/2014 By Ron Freitas
Ronaldinho in World Cup

The world of soccer—or football for our European friends—has many known faces which have electrified and propelled fans off their seats with their exuberant antics, thrilling tricks and pure skills. Yet among all of the world famous soccer greats, few have captured the hearts of soccer fans more than Ronaldo de Asis Moreira, otherwise known [...]


2014 Brazil World Cup Draw Results

12/06/2013 By Brazil World Cup News
Here are the results of the World Cup Draw. Who has the toughest Group? Leave your comments below! Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia Group C: Colombia, Greece, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan Group D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy Group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras Group F: Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, [...]


Brazil World Cup Packages

07/21/2013 By Brazil World Cup News
World Cup Tickets

FIFA recently announced that tickets will go on sale on August 20th at Group stage matches for non-Brazilians will start at $90, except for the opening match, which starts at $220. If you would like a reminder, we will send out a reminder email the day before, and also the minute that they go [...]


Change Brazil Revolution

06/20/2013 By Georgia Freitas 
Brazilians protesting in the streets -

Brazil is making history over the largest and most intense protests that are occurring all across this country.  A small protest in Brazil began earlier in the month over an increase of 20 centavos for bus fare.  An activist group called the Free Fare Movement that supports lower transportation fares started the protests.   What started [...]


Brazilian Stadiums and Confederations Cup Progress

06/09/2013 By Georgia Freitas 
Newly Remolded Stadium in Salvador - photo by BBC Brasil

With the FIFA Confederations Cup just around the corner Brazil is buzzing with preparations for this event which opens on June 15,2013.   Six of the twelve stadiums in the host cities will be used for the Confederation Cups Brazil which is a rehearsal for the larger tournament that will take place in 2014.  There [...]


Maracana Stadium Reopens

05/01/2013 By Georgia Freitas
New Maracana Stadium - Photo from BCC News in Picture

The new Maracana Stadium opened on Saturday, April 27th for an exhibition match.  Ronaldo, known for earning FIFA World Player of the Year three times played in this friendly match.  Ronaldo’s team called “Amigos do Ronaldo” defeated “Amigos do Bebeto” with a score of 8-5. When asked about the new construction Ronaldo proclaimed, “It looks [...]


Beauty Turned into Technology

02/27/2013 By Georgia Freitas
(Images courtesy of

Rio de Janeiro has some of the most beautiful sights and beaches in the world.   The mosaic sidewalks along the beaches enhance the beauty and character of these beaches and have become a trademark.  But who would have thought that the beautiful black and white mosaic sidewalk would be turned into QR codes?  QR codes [...]


World Cup Update: First Stadium in Fortaleza Completed!

12/27/2012 By Ron Freitas

History in the making is happening in the World Cup Host Country Brazil! Some were worried that Brazil might not be able to deliver on their massive vision to host games in twelve host cities in new or newly renovated stadiums. Some criticized their progress. Others thought Brazil would not be able to deliver the [...]


Curitiba Brazil World Cup 2014 – Joaquim Americo Stadium Updat

11/28/2012 By Ron Freitas

Here is an update on the remodeling progress of the Joaquim Americo Stadium in Curitiba, Brazil. Construction is under way and expected to be finished around August of 2013 with a seating capacity of 45,000.


Going Green at Brazil World Cup

10/30/2012 By Tony Freitas

Going Green at the 2014 World Cup Brazil is the host nation of World Cup 2014, and the country wants to go green at the gala event. The road to the sustainable soccer event commences with 12 spectacular stadiums of the host cities. In order to secure funds from the Brazilian Development Bank for construction [...]



Group Matches:
  Belo Horizonte Brasilia Cuiaba Curitiba Fortaleza Manaus Natal Porto Alegre Recife Rio de Janeiro Salvador Sao Paulo
June 12                       17:00
Brazil vs Croatia
June 13     18:00
Chile vs Australia
Mexico vs Cameroon
Spain vs Netherlands
June 14 13:00
Colombia vs Greece
Uruguay vs Costa Rica
England vs Italy
Ivory Coast vs Japan
June 15   13:00
Switzerland vs Ecuador
France vs Honduras
Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina
June 16       16:00
Iran vs Nigeria
Ghana vs USA
Germany vs Portugal
June 17 13:00
Belgium vs Algeria
Russia vs Korea Republic
Brazil vs Mexico
June 18           18:00
Cameroon vs Croatia
Australia vs Netherlands
Spain vs Chile
June 19   13:00
Colombia vs Ivory Coast
Japan vs Greece
Uruguay vs England
June 20       19:00
Honduras vs Ecuador
Italy vs Costa Rica
Switzerland vs France
June 21 13:00
Argentina vs Iran
Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina
Germany vs Ghana
June 22           18:00
USA vs Portugal
Korea Republic vs Algeria
Belgium vs Russia
June 23   17:00
Cameroon vs Brazil
Australia vs Spain
Croatia vs Mexico
Netherlands vs Chile
June 24 13:00
Costa Rica vs England
Japan vs Colombia
Greece vs Ivory Coast
Italy vs Uruguay
June 25           16:00
Honduras vs Switzerland
Nigeria vs Argentina
Ecuador vs France
Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran
June 26   13:00
Portugal vs Ghana
Algeria vs Russia
USA vs Germany
Korea Republic vs Belgium
June 27 No Games

Round of 16:
  Belo Horizonte Brasilia Cuiaba Curitiba Fortaleza Manaus Natal Porto Alegre Recife Rio de Janeiro Salvador Sao Paulo
June 28 Game 49:
1A vs 2B
                Game 50:
1C vs 2D
June 29         Game 51:
1B vs 2A
      Game 52:
1D vs 2C
June 30   Game 53:
1E vs 2F
          Game 54:
1G vs 2H
July 1                     Game 56:
1H vs 2G
Game 55:
1F vs 2E
July 2 No Games
July 3 No Games
Quarter Finals:
  Belo Horizonte Brasilia Cuiaba Curitiba Fortaleza Manaus Natal Porto Alegre Recife Rio de Janeiro Salvador Sao Paulo
July 4         17:00
Game 57:
W49 vs W50
Game 58:
W53 vs W54
July 5   13:00
Game 60:
W55 vs W56
Game 59:
W51 vs W52
July 6 No Games
July 7 No Games
Semi Finals:
  Belo Horizonte Brasilia Cuiaba Curitiba Fortaleza Manaus Natal Porto Alegre Recife Rio de Janeiro Salvador Sao Paulo
July 8 17:00
Game 61:
W57 vs W58
July 9                       17:00
Game 62:
W59 vs W60
July 10 No Games
July 11 No Games

3rd Place and Final:
  Belo Horizonte Brasilia Cuiaba Curitiba Fortaleza Manaus Natal Porto Alegre Recife Rio de Janeiro Salvador Sao Paulo
July 12   17:00
Game 63:
L61 vs L62
July 13                   16:00
Game 64:
W61 vs W62

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